Lawrence Berger

Founder and Partner

Lawrence is Founder and Partner of Ames Watson Capital.  Prior to founding Ames Watson, Lawrence was Managing Director and Chief Investment Officer of Blackstreet Capital.  At Blackstreet, Lawrence participated in over 25 acquisitions and was actively involved in the sourcing of deals, planning of transitions and oversight of investments.  Previously, Lawrence worked for the The Washington Post Company and the Boston Consulting Group.  Lawrence has served on numerous Boards of both private and public companies.  Lawrence is currently Chairman of the Board of NSA Media and AWE Learning. Lawrence has a B.S.E. and MBA from The Wharton School.  Lawrence lives in Bethesda, Maryland with his wife and three sons.  He can usually be found at the ice rink watching his sons play hockey.  


Operating Partner Team

Ames Watson Capital has a group of highly experienced Operators who can step into a business and help provide leadership and resources. These Operating Partners can help existing management teams improve performance and can lead transitions when management isn’t in place.